Here’s a short list of why couple’s choose to go custom when it comes to their wedding invitations.


…There’s So Much To Say!

Even though (almost) every couple has a wedding website, there may be a small, but important, group of guests who don’t have smartphones, or computers, or email. Or maybe your wedding URL is too long for your guests to type correctly.

Details like hotel blocks, gift registries, and other weekend events are important, and if your guests miss them it can be hard to stomach.


…What You Want Doesn’t Exist. Yet.

You’ve got taste, you’ve got style, and you own it, girl. And you know what? No one else has it, so you cannot find what you’re looking for on The Big Template Sites! Frustrating, maybe, but don’t give up on your style, or your vision.


…The Little Details Matter

You’re wedding doesn’t have a theme. You love calla lilies. There’s a certain je ne se quois you’re going for on the big day. Yes! We’re listening. Whether you can explain exactly what you want, or just have a few adjectives to get a mood across, a professional designer is trained to listen, and deliver a visual translation.


…Not All Wedding Invitations Have To Be Pink.

Not into the pink, frilly, flowery stuff? If one, or both of you, has a style leaning more masculine it can be hard to find a place to let that shine through in the wedding planning process.


…The Wow-Factor Is Everything!

You have been dreaming of your wedding day since you were 10-years-old, or maybe since you met “the one”, and it will be “WOW!” So, you want the invitation – the first taste of this major event – to give your guests a preview of what’s to come.


…You Can Ask For Anything.

Going really unconventional? Dinosaurs? Star Wars? Want to include a piece of your own artwork? Or a family member’s? If there’s something really unique about your day, or a special tribute you want to make on the stationery make it happen. Don’t settle.

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