Studio Eighty Seven was born out of the desire to connect with people and clients on a more personal level. I like to get to know people. I like to talk about family, hobbies, what everyone’s watching on Netflix, and how what’s happening in our crazy world affects you, your family, and your business.

Whether it is helping you brand your small business or designing your daughter’s wedding invitations getting to know you is the first step. It makes work more enjoyable, and the results more successful.

I have over 7 years experience in digital advertising, corporate branding, and print design. In 2016, I left my full-time job in advertising to focus on building my own company. Studio Eighty Seven is dedicated to bringing custom, bespoke design solutions to small businesses, brides, and families.


Studio Eighty Seven presents FunAndAwkward, a line of greeting cards and other miscellany aimed at making you laugh, smile, and maybe shout, “Hell Yeah!”

FunAndAwkward started as two words my best friend used to describe me in high school – always up for an adventure, but with little grace and tact. Throughout high school and college I often chose these two words to describe myself. It wasn’t until after college, in 2010 that I realized I’m not alone. A lot of us struggle with finding the right words.

FunAndAwkward cards aim to tell it like it is because there’s nothing wrong with that.

Natalie J Leroux

Hello! Hi. I’m Natalie, a thirty-something designer, creative, small business owner, wife, mom, step-mom, daughter, sister, and crazy-one juggling it all. If I’m not designing your new logo, your sister’s wedding invitations, or coming up with something clever for a FunAndAwkward card, I’m probably cleaning up spilled milk, doing laundry, running, cross country skiing, trying to practice yoga, and/or drinking wine. I look for inspiration in the details of the past, pop-culture and current events, and the candid moments of everyday life and relationships.