This form is to get some foundational work done, so that I can better understand your business and brand. By working through these questions (to the best of your ability), I can start exploring the best approach, and find the most effective ways to reach your audience.

This will take some time. You may want to copy and paste the questions and work through the questions somewhere else. Otherwise, put your ear buds in and tune in to your ultimate “get to work” soundtrack.

Great things are about to happen.

This is an exercise in making your brand concepts tangible. Think about a few different categories, like food, restaurants, celebrities, colors, feelings, music, movie genres... really anything and start to think of comparisons that you can make for your own brand. For example: My brand is more like food tuck tacos than Taco Bell. My brand is more like Sunday morning than Friday Night. My brand is more like lavender than magenta.
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