Me (center) and two of my best girlfriends at my wedding in 2015.

Studio Eighty Seven presents FunAndAwkward, a line of greeting cards and other miscellany for those of us that don’t take life too seriously.

But it wasn’t always under the Studio Eighty Seven umbrella. It started as two words my best friend used to describe me in high school – always up for an adventure, but with little grace. Throughout high school and college I often chose these two words to describe myself. It wasn’t until after college, in 2010 that I realized most of us are a little awkward and the world of greeting cards needed a little dose of awkwardness. Greeting cards are those things you buy when you can’t come up with the words yourself, and there is just something profoundly unexpected when you slip a card out of an envelope and it blasts you with an awkward fun truth – instead of those words you can’t come up with, Fun and Awkward hits you with the blunt truths you’re afraid to say.

I hope you enjoy the cards as much as I do. They are meant to be light, fun, and not too serious… Just fun and a lot awkward.