There’s more than one place to buy Studio Eighty Seven products and FunAndAwkward cards. Shop wherever you like! If you are interested in carrying FunAndAwkward cards or select Studio Eighty Seven products in your store, please contact us. Or if you’ve got this gut feeling that this cool shop or site should carry our stuff shoot us an email, and let us know about it.

Where To Buy

Right here! You're not far from the biggest selection of inventory Studio Eighty Seven and FunAndAwkward have to offer.

An exclusive line of FunAndAwkward cards can be found at Quite Fetching, a local dog barkery and gift store. If you're a proud dog parent you can't miss this opportunity to spoil your pooch.
Charming cooperative store features antiques and artworks from local dealers. FunAndAwkward inventory changes weekly. If you're in the area stop by for the latest!
FunAndAwkward was first available on Etsy - and still is!. If you're looking for something you don't see in our online shop, check out our Etsy storefront.
white cottage, a custom home decor service provider and retail shop, offers a small collection of FunAndAwkward cards.